Tis’ the Season…for craft fairs.

I have spent the weekend frantically getting ready for a craft show that I theoretically have had 50 weeks to prepare for and complete my sewing.  I make and sell reuseable, washable, food safe snack bags.  It is somewhat of an addiction.  I am happy to do away with plastic bags in our home and who doesn’t love strolling through a fabric store picking out adorable prints that you know your kids will love.  Unfortunately, my kids love the new prints a bit too much.  The minute I pulled out the sewing machine from it’s seasonal hibernation, the kids appeared with a list of projects.  One wanted a ninja mask and a pillow, one wanted a baby sling (sorry, no time), one wanted a belt.  There go some of my profits and my fabulous new superhero print.

1 thought on “Tis’ the Season…for craft fairs.

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