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Thankful on Thanksgiving

My first car was a used 1976 Camaro.  It was maroon with a white leather interior and got me everywhere I needed to go all through highschool.  Some would say I was spoiled…and I was. But, that car taught me some very important life skills.  Although my parents had fairly gender stereotypical roles during my childhood, my father took the time to teach me, his oldest daughter, how to maintain my car.  I learned to check and change the fluids, to change a tire and check the threads, to replace windshield wipers and to manage all the standard maintenance for my car.

Fast forward to today.  My husband and I have a mix of gender stereotypical roles and some that are not.  I cook.  I make huge messes, He does dishes and laundry and cleans.  I stay home with our kids.  He works at a job outside the home.  I deal with all the insurance,the doctors, the plumbers, and most of the computer problems.  He builds pirate ships in the backyard and forts in the kids’ bedrooms. He also reads and puts the kids to bed every night.  He does all the cooking on weekend mornings so I can sleep and he sorts all the mail.

The one thing I wish my husband would take care of that he never has is the maintenance of our cars.  So, for this Thanksgiving, I am grateful that I can do it.