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Epic Failure: My Attempt to Make Squeaky Cheese Curds

Cooking the curds

It started innocently enough.  A friend asked about making cheese curds on Facebook and I jumped at the opportunity to try it.  For those of you who are not familiar with cheese curds check out this description from New England Cheesemaking Supply.  Of course, I have gotten squeaky curds when I was attempting to get another cheese, but I have never tried to make them from scratch.  So, I set out to try a recipe I found online.  Heat the milk, add calcium chloride, add cultures, add rennet.  Wait.  So far so good.

I knew I had a problem when it was time to cut the curd and start draining them.  It just didn’t look right to me.  It seemed too dry and the curd mat was not sticking together even with weight.  I am sure more experienced cheesemaker would have been able to salvage the curds, but it is possible they would have had the same problem.  So, I set out to do what I always do when I have a cheese failure.  I made ricotta!  The best part about cheesemaking is that it is an adventure and you never know what you might get.  Sometimes, even the mistakes are DELICIOUS!


Draining the curds

My fresh ricotta over pasta

My fresh ricotta over pasta