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We built a bunch of garden beds

GardenbedsWe built some garden beds at our school today.  We have had a great little veggie garden the last few years, but it had a bit too much shade and bit too little access to water.  A very dedicated teacher spent the summers watering it without much help and without a spigot nearby.  So, our very generous PTO agreed to fund a new garden using some wood taken down during the construction of our new playground.  The new garden beds will have more sun and are very close to water.  My husband designed the beds and went to buy all the supplies last night with my oldest daughter (while I took a bath and the little kids watched a movie!).  Then, a great group of volunteers spent about 4 hours today building 7 beds that are approximately 4ft. X 8ft.  We lined the beds to keep the existing soil and contaminants from the wood out and will be getting a delivery of a high quality soil/compost mix in the next week or so.  I think they turned out great.  I cannot wait to start planting.  I just hope the kids enjoy it.  The best part of this project is that we hope to have families in our school community sign up to care for the garden for one week over the Summer.  They will be responsible for weeding, watering and harvesting (for themselves or others) for their assigned week.  If we do well, we hope to take some extra produce over to the Food Pantry.  Does your school have a vegetable garden?